How Did My Blog URL “Keke8mimi” Come About?

The symbol (∞) for infinity always fascinated me since learning about it in high school. It means that it’s endless. But it’s simple enough to understand because there is no end point to worry about. And that’s how I see my life at the moment. I live it simply day by day… with endless possibilities.

I created my blog in honor of my two girls. Their nicknames are KeKe and MiMi. They are 7 years apart and love/hate each other like two sisters would. My girls mean everything to me. I love them to the infinite power. Since the ∞ symbol isn’t available on my keyboard I chose the number 8 instead. Eh, it works… right?

In the photo, I placed two softballs side by side to represent our love of the game. KeKe really enjoyed helping me with this one. 🙂

So in a nutshell, that’s the story behind such a weird cryptic username.



From 2013-2014, kek8mimi was my blog domain. Since the end of November 2014, I have changed it to owlwonder.

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