Halloween Fun: Trick Or Treating At Home?!

imageThis morning was spent pretending to go trick or treating in our home. M and I picked our biggest of stuffed animals and placed each one in a room and a closet. We went door to door all dressed up ready for our fun, indoor halloween activity. We rang a doorbell at each location and was greeted with various surprise trinkets. M was really loving this! It was also good practice for tomorrow’s big day. After all was done, we dumped our treats out and used them to play house. Our imagination can take us anywhere. 🙂

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    • Oh fantastic! You can even get other family members play a part in your own version of trick or treating. I wish that I had thought about it last year. It wasn’t easy with a little one in tow… especially in the dark. I have horrible night vision. Happy 1st Halloween to your 9 mo. old! 🙂


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