Review Of Top Two Toddler Glasses

M has a grumpy face here. She just doesn't like to take photos.
Here is M with a grumpy face. She just doesn’t like taking photos.

So it’s been 6 months since my 2 year old started wearing glasses. I knew that she had vision problems because she was squinting A LOT to watch the TV and whenever we were at the playground, she panicked when she lost sight of me (and I was only a few feet away from her).

Young children wearing glasses is a huge adjustment. We, as parents, need to make sure that our children get the best possible care. It was difficult to accept at first but knowing that M was living in a fuzzy blur made me think otherwise. Our pediatric ophthalmologist was terrific and made everything so much easier on all of us. She made M feel very comfortable and she was so patient with her. This appointment was very long and tiring. Bring along anything to keep your child busy. Our doctor used so many different little gadgets to check M’s eyes, tested her with familiar black images on the far wall (and she was also pointing at the same images on a sheet on her lap if she didn’t know), and then put in eye drops to dilate them. M wasn’t too happy with that part. But she was rewarded at the end of the appointment with her favorite blue raspberry lollipop and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. 🙂

After doing some extensive research online, we decided to choose the Italian Miraflex glasses because they are toddler-friendly — safe, flexible with adjustable straps, and lightweight. They look like Crocs for your eyes. Very durable for everyday use! It just made more sense for an active and overly ambitious toddler.

Be prepared for another long visit at your optical shop. Again, bring snacks and favorite things to keep your little one entertained. Trying on new glasses and sizing them correctly will be exhausting for any kid and parent. Time your appointment when your child is happiest. For example, M is more manageable in the mornings.

We picked the Round shape rather than the popular Rectangular shape glasses. They just seem to suit her better. In the photo, she is wearing the Maxi Baby in Burgundy Pearl. To view the various styles, click here.

The first few days were not easy. She would wear them for a few minutes and then take them right off. But I was not giving up. I would say that it took about one week. It normally takes a few days for the eyes to adjust to the new prescription. All that persistence and dedication really paid off. She is “seeing” a whole new world now.

We are enjoying her new look and we get positive comments from everyone. M is also being more responsible because she loves them so much. Our next check up is in March so we plan on getting a fancier pair like the Korean Tomato glasses.

M loves the color green so this may be her next pair.
M loves the color green so this may be her next pair.

They are very cute, lightweight, and flexible with interchangeable designs, adjustable nosepiece, earpiece, and strap for more security. You can adjust/remove as your child grows. So fantastic! I have not found anything else quite like them. They are not easy to find so you can consider ordering them online or search for them at your nearest optical shop. Fortunately, I was able to find them at an optical shop about 10 miles away and they carry both Miraflex and Tomato glasses. Now that M is taking better care of her glasses, we will try the Tomato glasses in the near future.

I hope that this will help other parents get a better understanding of the whole process. And understand why these particular glasses are my top two choices for toddler glasses. I will update this post next year with her new stylish glasses. Stay tuned!

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  1. What a sweetheart!! My parents started me with glasses at six years old. I still remember the day I first wore them. I felt like my world had changed. I could see things I did not even know was possible to see from a distance!


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