Blogging: 10 Easy Tips To Increase Your Online Presence

I am fairly new to blogging, but I do know one important thing — ways to increase your online presence. With my current experience as a content writer, I am familiar with what can make or break your blog post. So consider these 10 easy tips to succeed as a blogger:

  1. Research your topic of interest and find a new twist to what’s already out there.
  2. Create a fun and interesting headline. This will be the first thing that your reader will see. Intrigue your reader to read on.
  3. Write about your hobbies or crafts. It will open up another world of creativity. People will want to read about things familiar or maybe not so familiar.
  4. Make it personal. You don’t need to name names or add family photos. Just write about your life experiences and adventures. People will appreciate you for sharing.
  5. Post seasonal blogs. Whether it’s related to summer, winter, or holidays, your readers will find it more interesting respectively.
  6. Use a numbered or bulleted list on occasion. It’s just easier to read and a good way to keep your blog more organized. Parents love making lists on a day-to-day basis. Why not incorporate that into your blog, too?
  7. Tag appropriate keywords. This will ensure proper searchable query on the internet. You want your readers to search topics and find your blog easily.
  8. Avoid spelling and/or grammatical errors. It just looks sloppy and unprofessional.
  9. Read over your draft a few times in order to catch wordy and clunky sentences. Keep it simple.
  10. Respond back to any comments/feedback in a positive way and follow others in this journey of newfound glory (and not that rock band!).

Stick to these 10 tips and you will have blogging success. Good luck and happy blogging!

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