Black Cats: 9 Lives, Myths, And More

Left, Joshua (1998-2014); Right, Jonah (1998-2013)

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to honor black cats all around the world and dismiss any myths associated with these beautiful felines. Let’s give back the 9 lives that they desperately deserve by taking a look at some myths and interesting facts now:

  1. Owners of these beloved felines are not witches in nature. They may be “bewitched” (completely in love) by black cats but not at all, people who make wicked potions over a steaming caldron.
  2. A black cat that crosses your path does NOT give you any bad luck (majority of Americans think this). That is only a longtime superstition. And a combination of two or more black cats does NOT make it worse.
  3. These onyx beauties are not witches reincarnated. That is another misconception.
  4. A black cat sleeping on your bed does NOT point to death. You and your family will be fine.
  5. The color, black, is one of three basic colors in cats then follows the colors, white and red. We can consider these as “pure” colors.
  6. The Bombay cat is recognized as the only black feline breed. They look like miniature panthers, but are perfect lap companions as well as playmates. The name stems from the city in India known as the land of the black leopard.
  7. Popular names are Salem, Midnight, and perhaps, Boo. But you will also find non-color specific names, too. For example, I chose biblical names for my black furry friends (shown in picture).
  8. Even though The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe was about a deteriorating man, the author actually loved cats.
  9. Black cats are in need of homes. They often get overlooked in shelters around the country especially around Halloween.

I hope that you will think twice when you see a black cat. I was fortunate enough to have two lovable domestic, short haired black cats who wanted nothing more than to be my companion.

They loved me unconditionally.

They rescued me.

Rest in peace… my fur babies, always and forever.

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