Eric Turi’s Road To Recovery

Courtesy of GoFundMe

Eric Turi is an 11 year old boy from my town who was tragically hit by a car a few weeks ago. He suffered head injuries and mutilple traumas to his body. He is one of five boys and from a great family. He is on the 10U baseball team whereas my daughter is on the 10U softball team. He is making great progress and every day a little more of Eric is emerging. It is truly a miracle. With bills accumulating, our town has come together to support his family but now I am extending my hand to anyone willing to help the Turi family. If you can donate, please visit GoFundMe. Thank you in advance!

Update as of September 2014:

Eric is back in school and doing very well. I don’t personally know the family but it warms my heart every time I see him walking to school every morning.


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