Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Lives On!

Courtesy of PBS Kids

I recently discovered by accident while browsing through Netflix with my toddler, a new PBS TV program — Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This animated show is geared for children ages 2 to 4 but has engaged my 9 year old to watch too! It brought back all those fond memories of watching Mr. Rogers as a child. They have incorporated a few things like the theme song, trolley, a few familiar characters from the original show, and of course… the conclusion of each show with the “shoes”! LOVE IT! Check it out with your youngsters if you haven’t already seen it. My toddler loves the “Daniel goes to the potty” episode which we will watch quite often to encourage her with potty training. And to add to this new discovery, we have downloaded the two apps for the iPad which are also very educational and fun: Play at home with Daniel and Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night. These apps have been so helpful while I do chores around the house or running errands.

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