Toddlers And Parents Will Enjoy Kidville

So I recently signed up for the Big Muscles Builders class in an effort to help my hyperactive toddler burn off some of her energy. We have gone to two classes so far and I am so pleased that I chose Kidville.

For children 6 years old and younger:

There will be plenty of teacher assisted opportunities to play in various stations such as climbing, rolling, soft building blocks, interchangeable swings and handle bars, scooters, bouncy balls, and my daughter’s favorite… jumping on the trampoline. Circle time can be a bit of a struggle for any toddler with a short attention span but wandering toddlers are not scolded or pressured to be seated. A huge plus for me!

For the blogging parents:

Kidville offers any parent who wants to share useful information by submitting relevant articles on their “Voices from the Ville” blog. This is an awesome way to communicate your parenting “voice”. Let the world hear what you have to say.

Here is a short video of little M hopping around and having fun on her birthday:

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