Night Owls Rule!

One article suggests that night owls, like myself, who stay up late have a tendency to be more productive (specifically wiser and more alert) than the early birds. Hoot, hoot… I like the sound of that!

Being a stay-at-home parent and writer, I am working around the clock whether it is daytime or nighttime. Parents just cannot have a set daily schedule with various obstacles thrown at us. We have to live day-by-day and night-by-night. So as this new study states, I am going to be more productive with my family and work. Finding a good balance is what I need to focus on.

My current writing job has given me some hope as a professional especially since I had been out of work for about 10 years. My brain is beginning to function as a mature adult and not as a mother of a toddler who sings nursery rhymes all day. Writing has been so refreshing and I feel rejuvenated!

I remind myself to be more flexible and not stress over every little mishap. Life will bring me joy, laughter, sorrow, excitement, and many more adventures. It will be a ride full of up’s and down’s… hopefully, more of the former.

It’s just great to know that night owls do, in fact, rule! Well, here at least.

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